Academic Administration

Writing Program Director, Xavier University, 2015-present. Direct first-year writing program (50+ sections/20 instructors) including curriculum changes, adjunct hiring, and editing of publication for instructors; develop new writing courses; teach faculty workshops on writing pedagogy and teaching practices; conduct in-class faculty observations and evaluation reports; oversee program assessment; teach honors and upper-division writing courses.

Assistant Director of Composition, Miami University, 2014-2015. Work in conjunction with Director of Composition to oversee Composition Program (100+ sections, 50+ instructors, 2,000+ students); develop and co-teach composition theory and teaching practicum courses for graduate TAs (ENG 731, 606, 607); mentor, supervise, and observe graduate TAs and provide support for teacher development; assist in design of advanced writing courses; oversee program-wide syllabus review and assessment.

Co-Coordinator, Digital Writing Collaborative, Miami University, 2014-2015. Supervise digital writing consultants and coordinate workshops led by Digital Writing Collaborative; provide pedagogical materials and technical support for English department instructors; develop department-wide technology and pedagogy workshops; offer support and training for instructors.

Director, Portfolio Program, Miami University English Department, 2013-15 (Assistant Director 2012-1013). Collected 250+ writing portfolio submissions from incoming first-year students; coordinated assessment team evaluations and communicated results with students; promoted program across the university, increasing submission numbers by 25% over previous years; provided informational materials to program advisors on three campuses; handled bulk mailings of materials to promote program; updated website and answered email inquiries; compiled and edited “Best Of” publication from previous year to offer exemplary models and advice from evaluators on drafting portfolios.

Assistant Director, Howe Writing Initiative, Farmer School of Business, Miami University 2012-14. Consulted with business students individually and in teams on writing and presentation skills; supported business school faculty in developing writing prompts and rubrics for classroom use; supervised and observed undergraduate writing consultants; developed workshops for students based upon business writing needs; visited classrooms to give presentations about specific business writing and presentation skills; collaborated with faculty to train, support, and assess student presentation skills in client-based projects; served as a consultant in the Summer Business Institute, an intensive summer course sequence working directly with local client.

Online ENG 111 Course Coordinator, Miami University English Department, 2013. Worked with Composition Director to oversee summer online composition courses; communicated with the Dean’s office and advisors to promote courses to incoming first-year students; designed informational materials for online courses; supported instructors and handled questions from students.

Academic Service

College English Association of Ohio
Past-President (2015-2016), President (2014-2015), Vice-President and Conference Chair (2013-2014), Conference Co-Chair (2012), Liaison to College English Association (2012-2015) Dasher Award Chair (2016), Dasher Award Committee (2011), Executive Council (2010 – 2015). Collaborate with dedicated English faculty educators across Ohio; connect with national chapter annually and attend conference and business meetings; organize and plan conference including creating PFP, reviewing proposals, arranging and chairing panels, inviting guest speakers, program layout, and other related duties; distribute organizational materials to English departments across the state; meet twice annually for planning and discussion of issues that affect Ohio English departments.

Jesuit Conference on Rhetoric and Composition (JCRC)
Chair (2019—present), Vice Chair (2016—2019). Coordinate members from writing programs at all Jesuit institutions to share information about programs and collaborate on scholarship; chair annual meetings at Conference on College Composition and Communication as well as informal meetings via Zoom; coordinate cross-institutional panels for disciplinary conferences; attend affiliate meetings with national AJCU organization.

Digital Pedagogy Collaborative, Miami University English Department
Consultant (2012-14). Support faculty in pedagogical planning and technical support for digital composing; provide support and in-class workshops for students; offer workshops and lunch lectures of various topics of digital composing for faculty.

Cultural Rhetorics Conference
Reviewer (2014). Reviewed a selection of proposals for inclusion in the 2014 Cultural Rhetorics Conference; offered feedback and rated proposals in blind review.

Miami University Composition Awards
Committee Member (Spring 2012, 2013). Worked with a committee to review papers across a variety of genres; chose selections and made recommendations for publication; negotiated with multiple parties to select pieces for inclusion; contacted authors and solicited publication permissions.

Miami English Graduate and Adjunct Association (MEGAA)
Member (2011 – 2014) Composition Committee Graduate Student Representative, 2011-2013. Planned annual symposium including creating CFP, reviewing proposals, organizing panels, inviting speakers, and other related issues; participated as a voting member of Composition Committee representing graduate students, including working on course review and renaming; hosted annual student social gatherings, faculty appreciation lunches, and fundraisers.

Antonelli College Curriculum Advisory Committee
Committee Member (2011-2012). Invited member of advisory board; gave input on curricular development and perceptions of student needs; encouraged program changes in alignment with current composition guidelines and recommendations; offered feedback of program and suggested future development.

Association of English Graduate Students (AEGS)
Northern Kentucky University, Founding Co-Chair (2000), Literature Representative (2009), Rhetoric/Composition Representative (2010), Chair Colloquium in English Studies (2010,2011), Executive Council Member 2009-2011. Founding co-chair of graduate student organization; wrote constitution and registered group through the university; served as representatives for both literature and rhetoric/composition students; founding chair of first and second colloquiums in English studies, including English graduate students and faculty; initiated Spotlight Award to recognize outstanding undergraduate work in English studies; networked with graduate students to gain involvement and hear concerns; organized annual social gatherings.

Northern Kentucky University Graduate Council
Student Representative (2009-10), Ad Hoc Committee for revision of GTA compensation and training (2010). Served as graduate student representative for entire university; voting member of council; worked on committee to review GTA compensation and create guidelines across the university; involved in curricular design and program development for graduate degrees across departments.

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