Sample Publications

“’This Ain’t Another Statement! This Is a DEMAND for Black Linguistic Justice!’ and ‘CWPA Statement on Racial Injustice.’” Journal of Teaching Writing, Fall 2022.

“‘How Dare You’: Greta Thunberg, Parrhesia, and Rhetorical Citizenship.” Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric and Society, Spring 2020.

“Rhetorics of Reflection: Revisiting Listening Rhetoric through Mindfulness, Empathy, and Nonviolent Communication.” Journal for the Association for Expanded Perspectives on Learning, Vol. 23, 2017—18.

“From Social Grace to Social Power: Changing Nineteenth-Century Gender Norms in Leadership and Rhetorical Performance at Western College for Women.” With Jacqueline Johnson. Ohio History Journal, Vol. 125, No. 1, Spring 2018, p. 32—46.

“’Our Little Get-Together‘: Trump and Obama on Black History  Month.” The Citizen Critic. February 28, 2017.

Kairotic Design: Building Flexible Networks for Online Composition.” With Lance Cummings, Ryan Ireland, Caitlyn Martin, Heidi McKee, Jason Palmeri, and Jim Porter. Making Space: Writing Instruction, Infrastructure, and Multiliteracies. Ed. James Purdy and Danielle DeVoss. Michigan University Press, 2016.

“Dangerous Curves: Action Heroines, Fetishism, and Popular Culture.” Review. Schuykill Graduate Journal. Special Edition: Bondage and Power. Spring 2012.

“Full Moon: The Melissa Moon Poems.” City Beat, April 23, 2008.

“Indecent Exposure: Artistic Expression Meets Media Sensation.” City Beat, August 19, 2007.

“Seasons of Memory: A Walk Through Afternoon in the Country of Summer.” The Journal of Kentucky Studies, Volume 20, 2003.

“Searching for Truth: In Kildeer’s Field.” The Journal of Kentucky Studies, Volume 19, 2002.

Editing Experience

The Write Path: First Year Composition and Rhetoric at Xavier, Author and Editor, 2016.
Created content for first year writers to orient them to college-level writing, including process-based writing, rhetoric, and writing within their disciplines; create, judge, and edit student writing for inclusion in the publication; work with publisher on cover design, layout, and distribution; coordinate assessment and editing team from Writing Program faculty.

Miami Teacher’s Guide, Hayden-McNeil, Editor (2013) Assistant Editor (2012). Collected innovative teaching strategies, syllabi, and lesson plans from instructors; compiled publication for use by instructors in upcoming courses; edited content and updated course overviews, outcomes, and material links; responsible for adding video lecture resources for instructors; copy edited, proofread, and readied manuscript for publication.

Rhetorical Inquiry Reader, Miami Composition Program, Co-Editor (2013) Assistant Editor (2012). Redesigned online readings manual for use by composition instructors; reviewed content and updated readings across a variety of genres; composed introductions to readings for instructors; reordered content for usability; created archive of video lectures for use in composition program.

College Composition at Miami, Hayden-McNeil, Co-Editor (2013) Assistant Editor (2012). Collaborated with committee to select exemplary student essays; negotiated choices amongst editorial board members; wrote headers and discussion questions for future students and instructors; revised content describing composition program and how to use publication; copy edited, proofread, and readied manuscript for publication.

“The Best of Miami University’s Portfolios” Miami Portfolio Program, Editor (2013, 2014). Compiled exemplary portfolios and student writing for online publication; reviewed faculty assessments and suggestions for student writing; edited, proofread, and readied manuscript for publication.

Western College for Women, Arcadia Press, Editing Consultant (2013-2014). Applied rhetorical and composing expertise to revise manuscript for public audience; utilized specific knowledge of Western College history based upon extensive research conducted at this site; offered feedback on arrangement and readability; edited, proofread, and readied manuscript for publication.

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