Research Blogging

I have an interest in the possibilities of research blogging for both pedagogical and scholarly applications, thus I utilize blogs as a research tool, pedagogical method, and topic of scholarship. In my own work, I keep a research blog about my inquiries on parrhesia, and have blogged my experience at the Western Memorial Archives and related 19th century women’s writing as well as my inquiries into Genre Theory and Rhetorical History, Theory, and Practice, including cross-cultural rhetorics. I also have samples of student work using research blogs that I have compiled and upon which I occasionally present. This site includes the assignment, links to student blogs, and reactions from students who have used this tool to aid in their research process. This site also contains a brief overview of my research into research blogging, and a simplified version of information I present to contextualize and explain the ideological shift from the researcher as the isolated, lone scholar to a view of research as a more social, collaborative process. In addition to using research blogs as a means of organizing and sharing scholarship, I utilize these spaces to discuss issues in rhetoric, including the history, criticism, and possibilities for multimodal rhetorics and public discourse.

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