Courses Taught

Xavier University

Honors Rhetoric (ENGL 115)

Professional Writing (ENGL 305)

Writing as Social Action (ENGL 319)

 Theories and Research in Writing (ENGL 337/537)

Miami University

Teaching Practicum (ENG 606)

Theory and Practice Teaching Composition (ENG 731)

Digital Rhetoric (ENG/IMS 224)

Composition and Rhetoric Online (ENG 111)

Composition and Rhetoric (ENG 111)

Composition and Literature (ENG 112)

Writing Studio (ENG 104)

 Northern Kentucky University

College Writing (ENG 101)

Antonelli College

College English (ENG 090)

English Composition (ENG 102)

English Composition II: Research Writing (ENG 103)

Personal Development (PD 101)

Psychology (GE 133)

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