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Current Position

Xavier University
Assistant Professor of English, Writing Program Director, August 2015-present
Xavier Writing Pedagogy Consultant, Center for Teaching Excellence, May 2017-present
Faculty Associate in Xavier’s Center for Teaching Excellence, January-May 2017


Miami University
Doctor of Philosophy: English, Composition and Rhetoric (Cognate Area: History), August 2015
Dissertation: Speaking Truth to Power: Recovering a Rhetorical Theory of Parrhesia
Committee: James Porter (Chair), Jason Palmeri, Kate Ronald, Renee Baernstein

Northern Kentucky University
Master of Arts in English: Literature; Certificate in Rhetoric and Composition, 2011
Exam Areas: Theory and Criticism; Rhetorical History and Theory
Committee: John Alberti, Jennifer Cellio, Gary Walton

Northern Kentucky University
Bachelor of Arts: English Literature; Psychology Minor, 1999

Teaching Experience

Xavier University
ENGL 115: Honors Rhetoric
ENGL 305: Professional Writing
ENGL 319: Writing as Social Action
ENGL 315: Composition Tutoring
ENGL 337/537: Theories and Research in Writing

Miami University
Graduate Teaching Assistant: 2011 – 2014
ENG 606: Teaching Practicum
ENG 731: Theory and Practice Teaching Composition
ENG/IMS 224: Digital Rhetoric
ENG 112: Composition and Literature
ENG 112: Composition and Literature Online
ENG 111: Composition and Rhetoric
ENG 111: Composition and Rhetoric Online
ENG 104: Writing Studio

Northern Kentucky University
Graduate Teaching Assistant: Spring 2010
ENG 101: College Writing

Antonelli College
Adjunct Faculty: 2008 – 2011
ENG 090: College English
ENG 102: English Composition
ENG 103: English Composition II: Research Writing
PD 101: Personal Development
GE 133: Psychology


“From Social Grace to Social Power: Changing Nineteenth-Century Gender Norms in Leadership and Rhetorical Performance at Western College for Women.” With Jacqueline Johnson. Ohio History Journal, forthcoming.

“Rhetorics of Reflection: Revisiting Listening Rhetoric through Mindfulness, Empathy, and Nonviolent Communication.” Journal for the Association for Expanded Perspectives on Learning, forthcoming.

“’Our Little Get-Together‘: Trump and Obama on Black History Month.” The Citizen Critic. February 28, 2017.

“Kairotic Design: Building Flexible Networks for Online Composition.” Making Space: Writing Instruction, Infrastructure, and Multiliteracies. With Lance Cummings, Ryan Ireland, Caitlyn Martin, Heidi McKee, Jason Palmeri, and Jim Porter. Michigan University Press, 2017.

“Dangerous Curves: Action Heroines, Fetishism, and Popular Culture.” Review. Schuykill

Graduate Journal. Special Edition: Bondage and Power. Spring 2012.

“Full Moon: The Melissa Moon Poems.” City Beat, April 23, 2008.

“Indecent Exposure: Artistic Expression Meets Media Sensation.” City Beat, August 19, 2007.

“Seasons of Memory: A Walk Through Afternoon in the Country of Summer.” The Journal of Kentucky Studies, Volume 20, 2003.

“Searching for Truth: In Kildeer’s Field.” The Journal of Kentucky Studies, Volume 19, 2002.

Conference Presentations

“Doing More With Less: Financial Self-Sufficiency and Adjunct Advocacy.” Conference of Writing Program Administrators, Knoxville, TN, July 2017.

“Intersecting Genres and Identities: Including Diverse Voices in Student Writing and Classroom Environments.” Conference on College Composition and Communication Summer Conference, Cincinnati, OH, June 2017.

“Teaching to the Mission: Integrating Ignatian Values and Writing Pedagogy at Xavier.” College English Association Conference, Cincinnati, OH, April 2017.

“The Many Tracks to WPA Work.” Conference of Writing Program Administrators, Raleigh, North Carolina, forthcoming July 2016.

“Risky Revolutions: A Tradition of Women’s Parrhesia.” Rhetoric Society of America 17th Biennial Conference, Atlanta, GA, forthcoming June 2016.

Power, Risk, and Possibility: A Rhetorical Theory of Parrhesia.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Tampa, FL, March 2015.

“Reflective Rhetors: Mindfulness and Deep Listening as Rhetorical Practice.” College English Association of Ohio, Kent State University, April 2016.

“Understanding Parrhesia: Free Speech, Democracy, and Disruptive Acts of Truth-Telling.” Miami Graduate Research Forum, Oxford, OH, November 2014. 

Partnering Across Cultures: Strategies for Writing Centers to Support Intercultural Team Projects.” International Writing Center Association National Conference on Peer Tutoring and Writing, Orlando, FL, October 2014.

“Saying the Wrong Thing at the Right Time: A Rhetorical Theory of Parrhesia.” Association of English Graduate Students Annual Colloquium, Northern Kentucky University, May 2014.

The Digital Imperative: Navigating Institutional, Pedagogical, and Technological Challenges in the Composition Classroom.” College English Association Conference, Baltimore, MD, March 2013.

Text Mix: 19th Century Women’s Composing and Digital Mediation.” MEGAA Symposium, Miami University, March 2014.

“From Social Grace to Social Power: Transitioning Gender Norms in Leadership and Rhetorical Performance at a Nineteenth-Century College for Women.” Ohio Valley History Conference, Western Kentucky University, October 2013.

“Jumping the Stream and Writing on the Walls: Resistance and Regulation in Nineteenth-Century Women’s Writing Assessment.” Council of Writing Program Administrators, Georgia Southern University, Savannah, GA July 2013.

“Writing Outside the Box: Pedagogical Approaches for Teaching Writing Online.” College English Association of Ohio, University of Dayton, April 2013.

“The Nature of College English Association Affiliates, Past, Present, and Future.” College English Association Conference, Savannah, GA, April 2013. 

“Taking (it) To The Streets: Assemblage and Appropriation in Nineteenth Century Temperance Rhetoric and Occupy Wall Street.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Las Vegas, NV, March 2013.

“Sphere Crossing: Rhetorical Economy and Composed Domesticity in Nineteenth Century Women’s Writing Education.” Thomas R. Watson Conference, University of Louisville, October 2012.

“Teaching and Learning Writing Online: Teacher-Researcher Perspectives.” Digital Expo, Miami University, September 2012.

“Mindfulness, Empathy, and the Rhetoric of Embodied Connection.” Interactive Workshop. Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning (a division of NCTE, the National Council of Teachers of English), Estes Park, CO, June 2012.

“ConCurrent Collaborations.” College English Association of Ohio, Ohio Northern University, May 2012.

“Inquiry-Based Pedagogy and Research Blogging: Application, Assessment, Reflection.” Conference on Multimodal Composition, Wright State University, May 2012.

“Blogging the Archive.” Association of English Graduate Students Annual Colloquium, Northern Kentucky University, April 2012.

“Research Communities and Peer Review: Making the Process Relevant with Digital Blogging.” Computer Connections at Conference on College Compositions and Communication, St. Louis, MO, March 2012.

“Scenes of Ecstasy: Performative Masochism and Hybrid Subjectivity in Cincinnati’s Neo-Tribal Underground.” MEGAA Symposium, Miami University, March 2012.

“Public Practices: Pedagogy, Power, and Collaborative Democracy.” Association of English Graduate Students Annual Colloquium, Northern Kentucky University, April 2011.

“Inside/Outside: Internal and External Narrative Strategies in ‘The Dead.'” Ohio Festival of the Short Story: The Cincinnati Review. University of Cincinnati, May 2010.

“Collaboration and Authority: The Balance of Autonomy and Power in the Co-Operative Classroom.” College English Association of Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, April 2010.

“Power Play: Bloom, Foucault, and the Deployment of Sexuality in the “Circe” Chapter of James Joyce’s Ulysses.” Association of English Graduate Students Annual Colloquium, Northern Kentucky University, April 2010.

“Trauma and Tradition: Collective Identity, Resistance, and Integration in the Contemporary Native American Novel.” Paul Lucas Conference in Cultural History, Indiana University, March 2010.

“Beyond the Other: Individual and Collective Trauma in Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony.” Nexus Interdisciplinary Conference, University of Tennessee, March 2010

“Mothering Outside The Box: Women, Community and Alternative Maternity.” National Women’s Studies Association National Conference, Cincinnati, OH, June 2008.

Academic Administration

Writing Program Director, Xavier University, 2015-present

  • Direct first-year writing program (50+ sections, 15+ instructors, 1200+ students)
  • Supervise, schedule, hire, orient, observe, and assess adjunct faculty
  • Facilitate workshops and meetings for Writing Program faculty
  • Write and edit published textbook for use by first-year writing students
  • Develop programatic and course materials for use by instructors
  • Create online summer composition course
  • Assist Writing Program faculty with student and pedagogical issues and concerns

Assistant Director of Composition, Miami University, 2014-2015

  • Work in conjunction with Director of Composition to oversee Composition Program (100+ sections, 50+ instructors, 2,000+ students)
  • Develop and co-teach composition theory and teaching practicum courses for graduate TAs
  • Mentor, supervise, and observe graduate TAs and provide support for teacher development
  • Assist in design of advanced writing courses
  • Oversee program-wide syllabus review and assessment

Co-Coordinator, Digital Writing Collaborative, Miami University, 2014-2015

  • Supervise digital writing consultants and coordinate workshops
  • Provide pedagogical materials and technical support for English department instructors
  • Develop department-wide technology and pedagogy workshops

Director, Portfolio Program, Miami University English Department, 2013-2015 (Assistant Director 2012-2013)

  • Collect 250+ writing portfolio submissions from incoming first-year students
  • Coordinate assessment team evaluations and communicated results with students
  • Promote program across the university, increasing submission numbers by 25%
  • Provide informational materials to program advisors on three campuses
  • Handle bulk mailings of materials to promote program
  • Update website and answer email inquiries
  • Compile and edit “Best Of” publication to offer exemplary models

Assistant Director, Howe Writing Initiative, Farmer School of Business, Miami University 2012-2014

  • Consulted with business students individually and in teams on writing and presentation skills
  • Supported business school faculty in developing writing prompts and rubrics
  • Supervised and observed undergraduate writing consultants
  • Developed workshops for students based upon business writing needs
  • Visited classrooms to give presentations about specific business communication skills
  • Collaborated with faculty to train, support, and assess student presentation skills in client-based projects
  • Served as a consultant in the Summer Business Institute, an intensive summer course sequence working directly with local client

Online ENG 111 Course Coordinator, Miami University English Department, 2013

  • Worked with Composition Director to oversee summer online composition courses
  • Communicated with the Dean’s office and advisors to promote courses
  • Designed informational materials for online courses
  • Supported instructors and handled questions from students

Professional Writing and Editing

The Write Path: First Year Composition and Rhetoric at Xavier, Author and Editor, 2016-present.
Created content for first year writers to orient them to college-level writing, including process-based writing, rhetoric, and writing within their disciplines; create, judge, and edit student writing for inclusion in the publication yearly; work with publisher on cover design, layout, and distribution; coordinate assessment and editing team from Writing Program faculty.

Miami Teacher’s Guide, Hayden-McNeil, Editor (2013) Assistant Editor (2012)
Collected innovative teaching strategies, syllabi, and lesson plans from instructors; compiled publication for use by instructors in upcoming courses; edited content and updated course overviews, outcomes, and material links; responsible for adding video lecture resources for instructors; copy edited, proofread, and readied manuscript for publication.

Rhetorical Inquiry Reader, Miami Composition Program, Co-Editor (2013) Assistant Editor (2012) Redesigned online readings manual for use by composition instructors; reviewed content and updated readings across a variety of genres; composed introductions to readings for instructors; reordered content for usability; created archive of video lectures for use in composition program.

College Composition at Miami, Hayden-McNeil, Co-Editor (2013) Assistant Editor (2012)
Collaborated with committee to select exemplary student essays; negotiated choices amongst editorial board members; wrote headers and discussion questions for future students and instructors; revised content describing composition program and how to use publication; copy edited, proofread, and readied manuscript for publication.

The Best of Miami University’s Portfolios, Miami Portfolio Program, Editor (2013, 2014)
Compiled exemplary portfolios and student writing for online publication; reviewed faculty assessments and suggestions for student writing; edited, proofread, and readied manuscript for publication.

Western College for Women, Arcadia Press, Editing Consultant (2013-2014)
Applied rhetorical and composing expertise to revise manuscript for public audience; utilized specific knowledge of Western College history based upon extensive research conducted at this site; offered feedback on arrangement and readability; edited, proofread, and readied manuscript for publication.

Academic Service

Xavier Writing Pedagogy Consultant, Center for Teaching Excellence, 2017-present

  • Consult with faculty to increase awareness of effective writing pedagogy
  • Observe faculty teaching practices and materials to advise on increasing pedagogical effectiveness
  • Discuss expectations and approaches to teaching writing with faculty in diverse disciplines


Center for Teaching Excellence Advisory Board, Xavier University, 2016-present

  • Meet regularly with board to discuss directions and programs for CTE
  • Review applications and interview candidates for CTE positions
  • Plan or suggest programming for faculty to support their teaching


Writing Flag Committee, Xavier University, 2016-present

  • Review Writing Flag applications for approval for core requirements
  • Suggest revisions to syllabi or course approaches to promote effective writing pedagogy
  • Work with other faculty members to promote writing pedagogy across campus

College English Association of Ohio
Conference Site Organizer (2016), President (2014-2015), Vice-President and Conference Chair (2013-2014), Conference Co-Chair (2012), Liaison to College English Association (2012-2015) Dasher Award Committee (2011), Executive Council (2010 – 2015)

  • Collaborate with dedicated English faculty educators across Ohio
  • Connect with national chapter annually and attend conference and business meetings
  • Organize and plan conference
  • Review proposals, arrange and chair panels, invite guest speakers, plan program layout
  • Distribute organizational materials to English departments across the state
  • Meet twice annually for planning and discussion of issues that affect Ohio English departments

Digital Pedagogy Collaborative, Miami University English Department
Consultant (2012-2014)

  • Support faculty in pedagogical planning and technical support for digital composing
  • Provide support and in-class workshops for students
  • Offer workshops and lunch lectures of various topics of digital composing for faculty

Cultural Rhetorics Conference
Reviewer (2014)

  • Reviewed a selection of proposals for inclusion in the 2014 Cultural Rhetorics Conference
  • Offered feedback and rated proposals in blind review

Miami University Composition Awards
Committee Member (Spring 2012, 2013)

  • Worked with a committee to review papers across a variety of genres
  • Chose selections and made recommendations for publication; negotiated with multiple parties to select pieces for inclusion; contacted authors and solicited publication permissions.

Miami English Graduate and Adjunct Association (MEGAA)
Member (2011- 2014) Composition Committee Graduate Student Representative (2011-2013)

  • Planned annual symposium including creating CFP, reviewing proposals, organizing panels, inviting speakers, and other related issues
  • Participated as a voting member of Composition Committee representing graduate students including working on course review and renaming
  • Hosted annual student social gatherings, faculty appreciation lunches, and fundraisers

Antonelli College Curriculum Advisory Committee
Committee Member (2011-2012)

  • Invited member of advisory board
  • Gave input on curricular development and perceptions of student needs
  • Encouraged program changes in alignment with current composition guidelines
  • Offered feedback of program and suggested future development

Association of English Graduate Students (AEGS), Northern Kentucky University
Founding Co-Chair (2000), Literature Representative (2009), Rhetoric/Composition Representative (2010), Chair Colloquium in English Studies (2010,2011), Executive Council Member (2009-2011)

  • Founding co-chair of graduate student organization
  • Wrote constitution and registered group through the university
  • Served as representatives for both literature and rhetoric/composition students
  • Founding chair of first and second colloquiums in English studies that included English graduate students and faculty
  • Initiated Spotlight Award to recognize outstanding undergraduate work in English studies
  • Networked with graduate students to gain involvement and hear concerns
  • Organized annual social gatherings

Northern Kentucky University Graduate Council
Student Representative (2009-2010), Ad Hoc Committee for revision of GTA compensation and training (2010)

  • Served as graduate student representative for entire university
  • Voting member of council
  • Worked on committee to review GTA compensation and create university-wide guidelines
  • Involved in curricular design and program development for graduate degrees across departments

Trainings and Workshops

“Integrating the Process: Writing Prompts, Rubrics, and Assessment.” Center for Teaching Excellence, Xavier University, January 2017.

“Strategies for Avoiding Burnout: Self-Care for Faculty.” Center for Teaching Excellence, Xavier University, February 2017.

“Panel Discussion: Culturally Responsive Writing.” Center for Teaching Excellence, Xavier University, February 2017.

“Integrating Student Wellness to Promote Learning.” Center for Teaching Excellence, Xavier University, February 2017.

“Course Evaluations Best Practices.” Center for Teaching Excellence, Xavier University, March 2017.

“Reflective Writing: Increasing Transfer Through Metacognition.” Center for Teaching Excellence, Xavier University, March 2017.

“Teaching Writing for Transfer.” Writing Program Spring Workshop, March 2017.

“Syllabus Makeover Workshop.” Center for Teaching Excellence, Xavier University, May 2017.

“Plagiarism: Symptoms, Causes, Cures.” Writing Program, Xavier University, March 2016.

“Responding to Student Writing.” Center for Teaching Excellence, Xavier University, February 2016.

“Working Creatively with Rubrics.” Writing Program, Xavier University, October 2015.

“Face-to-Face and Online Space: How to Make an Online Class Day Work.” Digital Writing Collaborative, Miami University, November 2014.

“Death to Typos: Strategies for Proofreading.” Farmer School of Business, Miami University, February 2014.

“Death to Typos II: Grammar Guide.” Farmer School of Business, Miami University, February 2014.

“Crafting a Personal Statement: Writing Graduate School Application Essays.” Farmer School of Business, Miami University, November 2013.

“Your Resume Doesn’t Speak for Itself: Crafting Effective Cover Letters/Cover Emails.” Farmer School of Business, Miami University, September 2013.

“Teaching Writing Online for Technical and Business Writing Instructors.” Farmer School of Business, Miami University, May 2013.

“Writing Under Pressure: Timed Writing in Essay Exams, Job Interviews, and Other High-Stress Situations.” Farmer School of Business, Miami University, December 2012.

“Nonviolent Communication: Autonomy, Reciprocity, and Co-operation in the Classroom.” All-faculty training at Antonelli College to teach Nonviolent Communication skills in order to facilitate egalitarian, empathy-based interactive practices between students and faculty members. June 2009.

Research and Consulting Projects

Served as Faculty Associate for Xavier’s Center for Teaching Excellence during spring semester of 2017. In this role, I planned events, conducted workshops, facilitated discussion groups, supported new faculty, and helped plan multiple CTE events. Additionally, I offered classroom observation and consultation services to faculty across campus, providing feedback on their teaching, and evidence-based resources to improve their effectiveness.

Transcribed interviews and interpreted research study in the Farmer School of Business to ascertain the experience of international students writing at Miami as part of a team research project through the Howe Writing Initiative. Initial research led to follow-up questions and surveys involving both domestic and international students, specifically focusing on cross-cultural communication and recommendations for improving dialog and team writing experiences.

Collaboration with Entrepreneur course (ESP 467) at Miami University’s Farmer School of Business to evaluate and offer feedback on student presentations and support with assignment design as part of partnership with Howe Writing Initiative. Farmer School of Business, Miami University, Spring 2014.

Worked as part of a research and development team to create and pilot ENG 111 (Composition and Rhetoric) courses for summer condensed terms, including follow-up interviews and assessment of the effectiveness of the course as compared to face-to-face ENG 111 courses. Spring through Fall 2013.

Professional Development

Teaching/Mentoring Pairs: Center for Teaching Excellence, Xavier University.
Paired with Dr. Karen Enriquez in Theology for ongoing discussion and sharing resources to increase mindfulness practices in the classroom. February-April 2016.

Ignation Mentoring Program: Center for Mission and Identity, Xavier University.
Participated as a mentee with Dr. Chris Pramuk from Theology in ongoing dialog, reading, and discussion of Ignatian pedagogy and spirituality, with classroom specific applications. October 2015-April 2016.

Rhetoric Society of America Summer Institute: “Historiography and the Archive: Taking the Next Steps” with seminar leaders Susan Jarratt, Susan Romano, David Gold, and Davis Hauk  Participated in intensive four-day seminars with other scholars from across the country focused on archival research that included valuable one-on-one mentoring from seminar leaders about our own personal work and scholarship. This experience also promoted collaboration and generating ideas and resources between participants, and included the creation of a collective web site for the ongoing sharing of resources and ideas. Lawrence, KS, June 6-9, 2013.

NCTE Affiliate Leadership Meeting: College English Association of Ohio Representative
Met with NCTE affiliates from across the country to discuss state-specific and national issues affecting various areas of English studies. Met with affiliates to create strategies for state and regional affiliates to use to generate greater dialog and membership within their various groups. Affiliate leaders implemented regional, state, and national networks for increased dialog and future collaboration. St. Louis, MO, July 13-15, 2012

2012 CCCCs Half-Day Workshop: Gateways to the Past: Conducting Archival Research
Met with other scholars conducting archival research, including panel of distinguished speakers. Networked to exchange ideas and resources, as well as to receive guidance from speakers and workshop chairs. St. Louis, MO, March 21, 2012.

2012 CCCCs Half-Day Workshop: Contemplative Teaching and Learning in the Composition and Communication Classrooms This workshop offered both theory and practices to enact various contemplative practices in the classroom, including experiential elements of yoga, movement, mediation. St. Louis, MO, March 21, 2012.


Awards and Honors

Faculty Learning Community Facilitator Grant, 2017
COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) Fellowship Recipient, 2017
Summer Research Fellowship, Xavier University 2016
Association for Expanded Perspectives on Learning Graduate Student Award 2012
Miami University Doctoral Fellowship in Composition and Rhetoric, 2011-2015
Danny Miller Memorial Award for Advanced Graduate Studies, 2011
Northern Kentucky University Graduate Assistantship in English Studies, 2009-2010
Sigma Tau Delta, International English Honor Society, Pi Omega Chapter, 2010
Golden Key International Honor Society, NKU Chapter, 2010
Thaddeus P. Linsey Leadership Award, 2000


Professional Organization Membership

Rhetoric Society of America
National Council of Teachers of English
Council of Writing Program Administrators
College English Association
College English Association of Ohio
Coalition of Women Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition

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